Vault with kubernetes internal etcd as a storage backend

Hi Team,
i am new to the vault, and in our project we have configured external etcd as a storage backend. We are using rancher for kubernetes provisioning. It is configured for storing kubernetes application secretes.

Can we use internal etcd of kubernetes (Rancher) as a storage backend for vault instead of external etcd? if this is possible can you please provide me some information to configure vault with internal kubernetes etcd as a storage backend.

Also can you suggest me the best storage backend for vault?

Prashanth. A

Our requirement is to configure vault and to use existing kubernetes etcd and i found no resources for this type.

The Kubernetes documentation quite emphatically recommends that the Kubernetes internal etcd should be private to Kubernetes’ internal functions alone, for both security and responsiveness reasons.

Given that, I’d say the setup you’re proposing is very unsupported, which is probably why you can’t find any resources talking about it.

I think you’re on your own if you want to disregard this advice and do it anyway.

thanks for your suggestions