Vault write auth/approle/login taking more than 6 sec

auth response for getting token is taking more than 6 sec.
Can someone please help us to find the root cause of this issue.

Same configuration is working on one site and issue is coming on other site.
PS: There is no change wrt configuration and resource wise.

Please find below config details:

  1. vault version : Vault v1.5.2
  2. consul version: 1.8.3
  3. Storage Backend : consul
  4. Auth Mechanism : approle
  5. Secret Engine : KV

Please find below request and response time while performing authentication using roleid:
date;vault write auth/approle/login role_id=KMS secret_id=21pyVm59+fnGzkNJngxk7BMIS9yQERvQk2FHtq/6g98=;date
Tue Jul 13 15:35:14 IST 2021
Key Value

token s.64DhCQqE0pRSEGFinDjAvcvH
token_accessor j6106fSYVxOvEAEJ8X6Igol7
token_duration 30m
token_renewable true
token_policies [“xxxx”]
policies [“xxxx”]
token_meta_role_name kms
Tue Jul 13 15:35:20 IST 2021

As per the above snapshot its taking 6 sec.
Response for login, get kv data, put kv data is with in a sec.

I have file storage backend, not consul but I’m also seeing very long times authenticating via “auth/approle/login”. 6 seconds is not a magic number for me it takes anywhere between 40 seconds and almost instantaneous response. At the same time navigating in the web UI does not feel sluggish or slow. I’d also like to find out how to diagnose this.