VCD: Same org_networks and multiple vApps

Hi everyone,

TF v1.3.7
VCD v3.9.0

I am looking for some ideas on how to possibly lighten our TF ressources.

One of the things that kind of bug me are org_networks one has to provide to a vapp. We do have a set up ~10 different networks and each vapp is connected to two or more of them.

We created a that lists every network as a data source. We see this as our primary network-catalogue in order to have them for TF.

Now, if we create a vapp it requires to have the networks included as well. But here comes the part that bugs me: The way I see it I basically create copies of every network from the networks-files, but they must not have the same name. So I provide a different name (basically like: networkA-alpha, networkA-beta, networkB-alpha, etc.)… leading to each copy of a network being created as a new ressource in tf state that needs checking during tf plan/apply.

“alpha” and “beta” are the vapp-names added to the network name (examples).
The networks inside the vapp are listed as “ressources” (not data source). Not sure if data source would make more sense in here, as well.

It feels like I am overloading our state file with unessary network copies. And I wondered if there is a better solution to this.