vCloud Org Lease Policy

Hi there,

I’m using terraform to create a vcloud org - vdc - org network and vapps in my lab.

I’ve noticed a few settings missing however and was wondering if it’s still possible to apply them somehow.

For example, when creating a new org there are no arguments supporting the configuration of Org policy leases, such as maximum runtime lease, maximum storage lease.

This is the example from the terraform docs which is located at -

provider "vcd" {
  user     = "${var.admin_user}"
  password = "${var.admin_password}"
  org      = "System"
  url      = "https://AcmeVcd/api"

resource "vcd_org" "my-org" {
  name             = "my-org"
  full_name        = "My organization"
  description      = "The pride of my work"
  is_enabled       = "true"
  delete_recursive = "true"
  delete_force     = "true"

Any help will be much appreciated :slight_smile:

FYI you can track this issue with the link below (logged as issue)