Very frustrated and about to give up on Consul in K8s for much more Ops Friendly Istio

I just want to generate traces out of the envoy-sidecar! I’m evaluating consul in a bake-off against Istio as our Service-Mesh of choice for our K8s environment. I’m trying to get tracing out of envoy-sidecar in a k8s hashicorp/consul-0.30.0 deployment, and it’s defeating me. I’ve deployed CRD proxyDefaults (global) and I can observe it changes envoy-sidecar bootstrap cfg. I have spent 2 weeks applying/testing different static_resources cfg in envoy via the envoy_extra_static_clusters_json & envoy_tracing_json config in the proxyDefaults just trying to generate a trace out port 9411 to the K8s LB service fronting the jaeger pod. No joy.

Please help!
I’m happy to provide cfg and/or log details on request.

Hey, sorry for this. Lets use Critical Error in K8s envoy sidecar log cause the container to fail init · Issue #825 · hashicorp/consul-helm · GitHub to continue investigation?

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