Virtual Hub Express Route Connection with Express Route circuit


I’m trying to connect a virtual hub Express route gateway with a circuit but didn’t find the resource to achieve it in terraform. I used the “azurerm_virtual_network_gateway_connection” but doesn’t seem to work.

module.tdf_az_virtual_network_gateway_connection_module.azurerm_virtual_network_gateway_connection.XXXXX: Creating…
Error: Error Creating/Updating AzureRM Virtual Network Gateway Connection “XXXXX” (Resource Group “XXXX”): network.VirtualNetworkGatewayConnectionsClient#CreateOrUpdate: Failure sending request: StatusCode=400 – Original Error: Code=“InvalidRequestFormat” Message=“Cannot parse the request.” Details=[{“code”:“InvalidJsonReferenceWrongType”,“message”:“Reference Id /subscriptions/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/resourceGroups/XXXXX/providers/Microsoft.Network/expressRouteGateways/XXXXXXis referencing resource of a wrong type. The Id is expected to reference resources of type virtualNetworkGateways. Path properties.virtualNetworkGateway1.”}]

Could anyone help on this ?
Thanks in advance