Vm customization failing in vsphere with timeout

Hi Team

tring deploy the vm from tempalate, the vm getting created , but it taking time to load the OS, but terraform side it getting timeout, any way we can change the VM creation time? , it fails with 3 min, i want to increase to 6 min, how to do that , please help

sphere_virtual_machine.standalone: Still creating… [2m40s elapsed]

Virtual machine customization failed on “/DEV/vm/test_vm-terraform”:

An error occurred while customizing VM test_vm-terraform. For details reference the log file in the guest OS.

The virtual machine has not been deleted to assist with troubleshooting. If
corrective steps are taken without modifying the “customize” block of the
resource configuration, the resource will need to be tainted before trying
again. For more information on how to do this, see the following page: