VMware provider


I have successfully used terraform with AWS and I’m now looking into using terraform for my onprem enviroment, but I’m finding the syntax for the hasicorp vmware provider a bit challenging. Our vmware clusters and storage has spaces in the names and I get the following error at input ”vmrp”:

Error: error fetching resource pool: resource pool ‘(cluster name)/resourcepool’ not found

After troubleshooting I’m fairly sure that sure that the spaces are the issue, but how do I write the name of the cluster in the correct syntax so terraform will understand.


I use like this and no problem

data "vsphere_datacenter" "dc" {
  name = "DC One"

data "vsphere_datastore" "datastore" {
  name          = "Local SAS radi5 ESX0-9"
  datacenter_id = data.vsphere_datacenter.dc.id

data "vsphere_network" "public" {
  name          = "Public"
  datacenter_id = data.vsphere_datacenter.dc.id

But maybe with name of pool some issue because previously I have one pool with space and have the some error…

Can you provide an example of the code that is causing you a problem?