Vpc-endpoint tags

I could not find this by searching through issues and PRs on github but what combination of terraform and the aws-provider must be used to get tagging support on vpc-endpoints. Could not find old versions of the doc on the terraform doc page either.

I’m getting an error currently with terraform v0.11.14 and the latest aws provider for the v0.11 binaries.

Hi @jmoney8080,

It looks like the feature you are referring to was added in PR #8674, and a comment on that PR says it was released in AWS Provider version 2.16.0.

The record of that release in the Terraform Registry says that it supports both the Terraform v0.11 and v0.12 plugin protocols, so that release should be available to you as a user of Terraform v0.11.

If you’re already using a version of the AWS provider newer than this, it would help if you could share the full error message being returned when you try to use this feature.

That actually was it. I was on 2.15.0 and this came in 2.16.0. I had wrongfully assumed i was using the latest provider… but i see we’re on 2.59.0 :smiley:

After getting to latest, it’s working.