VS Code and Azure intellisense in Terraform

I have been using the Terraform extension for VS Code for a couple of months now. I am using Terraform 0.12 on Windows 10. My question is, if there are any extensions available for VS Code that provide Azure intellisense? For example, when I create an resource in Terraform, I want a picklist of the types of resources available for Azure to choose from so that I don’t have to memorized all of the resource type designations for Azure.

IntelliJ IDEA has this capability, but my company has more or less standardized on VS Code for writing Terraform.

Thanks in advance!


Microsoft do a specific “Azure Terraform” extension for VSCode, but I don’t know if it has the autocomplete support you want.

IMHO the best one is mauve.terraform, with the “Experimental Language Server” option enabled. The language server is a bit crashy (especially when you start using locals a lot), but Hashicorp is collaborating with the authors of both the extension and the language server it uses.

It’s pretty good at providing autocompletion hints for most TF constructs, when it’s not crashed!

The thing I’d like most in TF was if attributes had type hints more specific than “string”, e.g when you’re doing a security group, it knows that the “id” it emits is a “security group ID” and not just a string… and then attributes that require security group IDs would put these first on the autocompletion lists.

HashiCorp have recently spun up a similar project of their own and are collaborating with the author of terraform-lsp to implement it atop public Terraform API. This looks like a major step toward a better developer experience for Terraform!

Thanks for the information. I appreciate it!