Vscode extension: how to run terraform validate on every save?

I was pleasantly surprised to learn about the terraform validate entry in the command palette today. I will be using it a lot starting from now.

As a moderate terraform engineer with a strong background in .NET and TypeScript I was expecting that red squiggly lines would appear automatically.

Maybe there is already some way I can run the terraform validate entry in the command palette on every save?

And where can I track the background process that is executing terraform validate? As there is a multi second delay between the kick off and the eventual results, I would expect some progress indicator.

We have an experimental setting called terraform.experimentalFeatures.validateOnSave. If you set that to true, then VS Code will run validate on save.

The reason this is experimental is that it may take a long period of time to finish in large projects. We invite you to open an issue in GitHub - hashicorp/vscode-terraform: HashiCorp Terraform VSCode extension letting us know how you expect it to work. The idea for progress notification is ideal for the command palate, anything else you can think of?