Vshpere-Iso esxi windows server 2019 build, couldn't find any drives

I’m trying to build an image using the windows server 2019 evaluation iso.

It keeps failing when selecting a drive to install the media to because no drive is found.

The hardware settings are the same as when I manually provision the VM and when I manually provision it, it works just fine.

I have tried making sure the vmtools iso is mounted along side the installation media in case it was a driver issue. I have also included various drivers in the floppy files incase that would help.

I have tried setting the firmware type to bios and to efi. Makes no difference.

I’ve tried pvscsi, lsilogic-sas, and lsilogic disk_controller_types. Makes no difference.

It doesn’t appear to be a problem in the autounattend.xml, as the issue shows up even if I do not include it.

manually setting the vm_version or not changes nothing.

Is there anything particular with either server 2019 eval or windows in general that I might have missed?

I’m not sure what to do from here.

Not sure if you ever came across below link but I found this blog the best I have seen on Internet. Hope this help. I ran into issue with pvscsi drive as well. having driver available in form of floppy is required, the answer file has a reference for A: Drive and “config_files” should include the pvscsi driver location. VMWare ISO is only used to install VMTools post OS build.