VSO & HCP Vault Secret - problem with client credentials secret

Hi, I have some applications that work in different namespaces on a cluster, and I want to provide passwords from HCP VS via VSO. I read the tutorial (which is very good :slight_smile: ), but I got a small problem with the credentials secret. I don’t know is a bug or a normal operation, but VSO requires from me to add a credentials secret in every namespace in which I used HCPVaultSecretApp object. For me is some kind of mismatch because VSO requires only one HCPAuth object on the cluster, but few identical secrets in every namespace that use
I analyzed the code and it uses the namespace from HCPVaultSecretApp to retrieve credentials secret. This should be fixed or does it work as expected?

I created a bug in GH - HCP Vault Secret - VSO want to use secret from different namespaces · Issue #423 · hashicorp/vault-secrets-operator · GitHub, so we’ll see what the response is.