vSphere ISO Builder and NSX

Hi there,

We are trying to build a vm using the vsphere iso builder. We have NSX and without the NSX tags being set the vm has no connectivity. Unfortunately there is no NSX support for the builder.

Is there anyone that has had this similar issue before?

If we could inject a custom step before the vm powers on that would also be a workaround, however I can’t find such a functionality in the docs.

Would using configuration_parameters

be an option. I haven’t used NSX so do not know what needs to be set and if its possible via that.

If not, something that came to mind that could be done, may have some limitations, is to manually create an empty template with what is needed to be set (tags?, which I opened a request a while back on to add) and then use vsphere-clone from that template / VM to do the builds.

configuration_parameters aren’t used by nsx unfortunately.
The option to create a template might work. I will try that.

For now the NSX guys have made an exception that makes this vm work without any tags and allows network access to the resources we need.