Vsphere-iso builder does not mount second cdrom in ubuntu installer

Since there is no floppy driver in the ubuntu-20.04.x installer anymore to pass in user-data and meta-data I tried to use cd_files .
The builder is creating two devices. /dev/sr0 with the ubuntu installer iso and /dev/sr1 for the iso with user-data and meta-data on it. While /dev/sr0 is mounted to boot from it, /dev/sr1 is not mounted and therefore user-data and meta-data are not available for cloud-init and I can’t set the seedfrom value in the boot_command.

  1. Does any body know how to teach packer to mount the second cdrom/iso?
  2. Or mount it somehow in the boot_command?
  3. Or is this a bug?

Thanks Roland

  cd_files = ["./ubuntu-20.04/meta-data", "./ubuntu-20.04/user-data"]
  cd_label = "cidata"
  boot_wait = "2s"
  boot_command = [
    "/casper/vmlinuz ",
    "initrd=/casper/initrd ",
    "autoinstall ",
   -> possible to mount /dev/sr1 here somehow? 
     "ds=nocloud;s=??? ",

Found this:

and that:

Even if it’s not from CD, maybe it could help you out.

Thanks for your help. I found a solution now. See here: Packer Ubuntu 20.04 autoinstall via CD drive - #8 by bladnor