Vsphere provider and NSX error for VMs


I am testing out Terraform with our new VSphere enviroment that is 6.7 with NSX. Based on the documentation, it should still work but I am getting an error that the network is not found…

Is there any gotchas with NSX and building a VM?

  • type : The managed object type for the discovered network. This will be one of DistributedVirtualPortgroup for DVS port groups, Network for standard (host-based) port groups, or OpaqueNetwork for networks managed externally by features such as NSX.

The error I receive is

e[1me[31mError: e[0me[0me[1merror fetching network: network ‘NVDS-WC-InfraMgmt-INT-933’ not founde[0m

e[0m on build.tf line 42, in data “vsphere_network” “network”:
42: data “vsphere_network” “network” e[4m{e[0m