VSphere Provider: error processing disk changes post-clone

Hi All,

I am trying to build a VM in vmware vcenter using terraform(V0.12.24). The vspehere provider version is 1.18.1. However getting below error:

Error: error reconfiguring virtual machine: error processing disk changes post-clone: disk.0: ServerFaultCode: NoPermission: RESOURCE (vm-159576:2000), ACTION (queryAssociatedProfile): RESOURCE (vm-159576), ACTION (PolicyIDByVirtualDisk)

The same code works with vpshere provider version 1.15.0. Anything above that fails with same error. What is causing this issue? Any hints or ideas would be much appreciated.

Thanks all in advance.

Is there any update on this issue?
I have the same issue with Terraform v0.12.25 and vsphere provider version 1.18.2. I tried downgrading to vsphere v1.15.0 but didnt solve it for me.

Error was “Virtual machine customization failed”