Vsphere resource pool has been deleted or has not been completely created

I will have to be a little vague on some specifics but here is what I am trying to solve.
The environment that I am trying to clone a template has everything set up with an available template VM created to clone within a cluster. A default resource pool has been made but is not being used and the systems that exist are not part of the default resource pool but these systems do belong to their respective clusters. In the terraform code we are using the format:

variable “pool” {
default = “CLUS01/Resources”

We are getting the error indicated from the title of this post but I am curious if the problem lives with the part that none of the systems are using the resource pool and if this is what is causing the error. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

you need this format:
data “vsphere_resource_pool” “poolname” {
name = “Clustername/Resources/poolname”
datacenter_id = data.vsphere_datacenter.dc.id