WAFv2 WebACL not found for name

I am trying to use the new WAFv2 Terraform module for creating the Web ACL by using the data module.
I am getting an error while running the terraform plan with v1.0.0

Error: WAFv2 WebACL not found for name: test-edge-webacl-dev
│   with data.aws_wafv2_web_acl.test-www-dev-all,
│   on main.tf line 72, in data "aws_wafv2_web_acl" "test-www-dev-all":
│   72: data "aws_wafv2_web_acl" "test-www-dev-all" {

My data definition looks something like this:

data "aws_wafv2_web_acl" "test-www-dev-all" {
  provider = aws.dev-us-east-1
  name = "test-edge-webacl-dev"
  scope = "REGIONAL"

any ideas plz suggest ?