We are looking for recommendation and best practices from HashiCorp vault on listed queries

We are likely to know how is HashiCorp Vault is supporting below,

Policy Management:
Allow administrators to define access policies based on roles, groups, or individual users.
Secret Rotation and Expiry:
Implement automated secret rotation mechanisms.
Allow administrators to set expiration dates for secrets and enforce their renewal.
Secure Communication:
Ensure that communication between clients and the PAM application is encrypted and secure (TLS/SSL)
User Interface (UI):
Provide a user-friendly web-based interface for administrators to manage access policies, view audit logs, and perform other administrative tasks
Backup and Recovery:
Support backup and restore mechanisms to ensure data resilience and recovery in case of data loss
Secret Retrieval:
Provide APIs and SDKs for programmatic access to secrets
Syslog Forwarding:
Solution will provide a mechanism to forward logs onto central logging system for monitoring to QRadar, Chronicle.