What is the logic behind the recommended instance types? How to interpret it?


Could you please help me to understand the numbers behind the recommended instance types mentioned here? Vault on Kubernetes Reference Architecture | Vault - HashiCorp Learn

I assume the amount of CPU, RAM, disk space were taken based on some kind of criteriums including how much nodes in cluster, peak load, number of integrated applications, enabled authn and secrets engines, which weren’t described for the readers and leaving room for ambiguities.

How can I interpolate those numbers to my needs? Let’s say, if I’d scale down to 1 application with average Vault utilization like 1 PKI role with 1 week renewal cycle, 1 Kubernetes authentication role, 100 KV secrets, and daily redeployment, how much computational resources is that?


As far as I understand it, there is no magic formula that gives you the load. It’s a shot in the dark and a guess. Start out in the middle and adjust based on some load testing and adjust.