What is the minimum hardware requirements for Terraform OSS?

I’m facing an issue while running terraform plan. The DEBUG log says fatal error: runtime: out of memory. The total memory is 1GB and the free memory is below 100MB. Does terraform still runs with it?

Reference: https://github.com/terraform-providers/terraform-provider-aws/issues/13957

Hi @Raviadonis,

It’s not really possible to give a single amount of memory that Terraform requires: Terraform is a domain-specific programming language, so the amount of memory it requires will depend a lot on what you’ve written in your configuration and thus what you’re asking Terraform to do at runtime.

For example, if you use many providers in your configuration then each of them will use memory. Even if you use only one provider, a particular configuration could use a lot of memory if it contains many resources or lots of dependency relationships between resources.

The Terraform executable on disk is approximately 80MB in current versions and some commonly-used provider plugins (like AWS) are quite large too, so 100MB does seem like it might be a little too small: even just loading the Terraform executable and the AWS provider code into memory is likely to occupy some or all of your 100MB before Terraform takes any other actions.