What is Vault SI

What is vault-si? I see a reference to it here: guides-configuration/vault-si at master · hashicorp/guides-configuration · GitHub but after extensive googling, I still haven’t figured out what it is or where to download it. Any hints?

You are not the first one wondering about this:

@jsosulska, can we get a developer in here to make this clear?

Hi @joshua! Glad to see you active in the HashiCorp community. It’s been a long time!

@jsosulska hit me up about this and it turns out it is a very old reference to a utility that assisted with Vault secure introduction to assist with token introduction for AWS. It has since been superseded by the AWS authentication method.

So effectively, you’ve found some crumbs we’ve swept under the rug and we will be archiving the GitHub - hashicorp/guides-configuration: Packer templates used for modules in hashicorp-modules project. Much of the content in that repo has references to capabilities that have drastically changed since it was last touched over 3 years ago.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention @joshua! Hope you are well!


You are very welcome. Good to see you too!

I will say, though, that repo was very helpful in that I found the pattern of using systemd services and targets to have Nomad wait to start until there was an environment file in place. It’s a neat trick, and very helpful in bringing up new infrastructure. Might want to move that tip somewhere else in the docs. I even had a ticket open about a glitch I found in the files: I *think* the nomad systemd files are slightly wrong · Issue #87 · hashicorp/guides-configuration · GitHub :smiley:

Thanks for chiming in. Oh, and if you don’t mind bumping your Vault/Nomad integration people, I have another question waiting for them in the Vault forums. :slight_smile: