Whats the workaround against latest change for azure subnet creation?

I am getting below warning:
Warning: “address_prefix”: [DEPRECATED] Use the address_prefixes property instead.

With earlier version i was able to create mutiple subnet by defining two variables. Example below:

subnet_name    = ["subnet1","subnet2","subnet3"]
cidr_block      = ["","",""]


resource “azurerm_subnet” “az-subnet” {
count = length(var.subnet_name)
name = “{var.subnet_prefix}{var.subnet_name[count.index]}-${var.env_name}”
resource_group_name = var.resource_group_name
virtual_network_name = azurerm_virtual_network.az-vnet.name
address_prefix = var.cidr_block[count.index]

Above code works perfectly and creates 3 subnet, would also help to another if require.

Now, How Do i do same thing with new changes for address_prefixes, which require itself list.