When will version 0.13 be available for workers in hcp?

Hi Boundary team,

When will version 0.13 be available for workers in hcp?

Trying to test out local session recordings.

The worker binary for 0.13 is available here: Boundary Versions | HashiCorp Releases
You’ll probably want the most recent binary, boundary_0.13.2+ent

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For Docker, I only see version 0.12

For Docker/k8s-based workers with HCP, I believe you can run the worker using the 0.13 Enterprise container image: Docker

Basically starting with 0.13 all HCP worker builds are now the Enterprise build in whatever form. If you’re using that build with HCP, it detects the deployment is licensed when it registers with the control plane, so you don’t have to provide a self-managed Enterprise license to it yourself.

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If i use the image
image: hashicorp/boundary-enterprise

and try to execute
entrypoint: boundary-worker server -config=/boundary-hcp-worker/config/config.hcl

it fails, i assume boundar-worker server is not in the image: hashicorp/boundary-enterprise

With the new image, you’ll also need to use boundary to execute instead of boundary-worker