Where do i report typos inside hashicorp learn tutorials?

Hello here!
I am currently looking for a way to report typos and fixes to the documentations of hashicorp learn tutorials, is there any submission form to report these?

Hi @fnzv,

The Learn repo is not currently public. This is a good place to report issues with the guides. We’ll try to get those fixed ASAP.

I noticed the following under Consul’s architecture overview (https://learn.hashicorp.com/tutorials/consul/get-started#architecture-overview)

Server agents maintain the consistent state for Consul. Client clients are a light-weight process that run on every node where services are running.

Hi @blake
On this page while following the Quick tutorial is mentioned to create a consul-values.yaml but later on the guide tells the users to do helm install -f consul-values.yml

Nothing crazy but just to keep it simple and straight forward in order to not block anyone regardless of their skillset

@fnzv, thanks! I submitted a PR to fix this issue.

@wbadart, thanks for catching this. I’ll get that fixed as well.

Both PRs have been merged. The changes should be live shortly. Thanks again for reporting these issues.

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There is a typo on the Vault Learn page for policy templating. ACL Policy Path Templating | Vault - HashiCorp Learn

identity.groups.names.<group id>.metadata.<metadata key>

Should be:
identity.groups.ids.<group id>.metadata.<metadata key>

Thank you @mko for sharing, we’ll snag this and fix it asap.

Hi There,

I noticed that the interactive lab on this page does not work for me:

Dynamic Secrets: Database Secrets Engine | Vault - HashiCorp Learn

I get the error:

Sorry, we can’t find the track you’re looking for

hashicorp-learn / database-secrets-engine

Hey there,

Another one here:

Build Your Own Certificate Authority (CA) | Vault - HashiCorp Learn

Similar error:

Sorry, we can’t find the track you’re looking for

hashicorp-learn / build-your-own-certificate-authority