Where is the "Ansible wrapper guide" which is mentioned in the ansible-local docs?

I’m reading Ansible Local - Provisioners | Packer | HashiCorp Developer, which has this description of one of the parameters:

  • command (string) - The command to invoke ansible. Defaults to ansible-playbook. If you would like to provide a more complex command, for example, something that sets up a virtual environment before calling ansible, take a look at the ansible wrapper guide below for inspiration. Please note that Packer expects Command to be a path to an executable. Arbitrary bash scripting will not work and needs to go inside an executable script.

However as far as I can see, that’s the only mention of a wrapper guide. Does it still exist somewhere?

Hi @stianlagstad I was also checking the docs and realized the same thing, I was thinking that maybe the best way to get info about this should be creating a new issue on github but I’m not pretty sure how would be the best.