Where is the best place to talk about Terraform Cloud?

Hi there, I was wondering where is to best place to talk Terraform Cloud and I also guess Terraform Enterprise?

I wanted to talk about the sensitive variables that can be configured and how they are stored in the remote stored state after a plan/apply?

Hi @trentrosenbaum,

Our tagging and categories are a work in progress, so posting in this channel is the best place for now!

Great question about sensitive variables.

  • Generally, variables may not show up in the state file (with some exceptions). If they are in the state file, Terraform Cloud encrypts the state file.

  • Configuration of sensitive variables within Terraform Cloud takes many forms. We should mask them and make them write-only - this can be done via UI or API. To automate the creation of many sensitive variables that will be injected into the workspace, the API is the best option. There are many ways to set this up, one of which is to create a separate organization and workspace to push these variables to other workspaces. You can also generate a separate configuration flow to retrieve these sensitive variables from elsewhere (such as Vault) and push them up via API.