Where is vault lease lookup in v1.7.0?

Hi there, I was looking at the docs for the lease command and noticed the overview pages show a lease lookup subcommand alongside the renew and revoke.

and I can see a branch was merged to implement the lookup and while the live docs suggest it the cli does to implement it. I am just interested about when it might appear?

Hello! Thank you for reporting this. The new lease lookup command was not intended to be included in the Vault 1.7 release, however it looks like the documentation that came with it managed to be deployed to the live site. I’ve opened hashicorp/vault#11229 to address the inconsistency.

Apologies for the confusion! I’ll see about getting lease lookup into the next Vault 1.7.x release.


Hi Clint,

Thanks for getting back to me about the subcommand. I was going to raise a PR myself, but then I saw the closeness of the dates and was not sure. So thought to ask.

Looking forward to seeing it return for the first time :wink: