Will terraform delete infrastructure on AWS that was already there before?

Just to make sure! We’re having a huge infrastructure already at AWS and I’m really afraid to be using terraform for testing as I’m still not a 100% sure if terraform will delete infrastructure that was already there before.
Planning on setting up a new VPC and playing around later on.


Terraform will only delete & change things it manages.

So if you have existing resources within AWS, unless you import those into Terraform (either using terraform import or the new import block) they won’t be touched.

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In addition to this, if you always review the changes Terraform is proposing to make before you accept them, you can check for changes that might harm your existing infrastructure.

Terraform will not make any changes that were not first proposed in the plan.

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Right, gotcha. Just wanted to make sure. I was aware that I can see the changes with ‘terraform plan/apply’ but I thought terraform might cleanup AWS because it would make sure that only infrastructure is there that itself has configured. I was just scared and I bet you can understand that.