Windows container and consul sidecar


I have a multi OS kubernetes cluster and want to use consul as service mesh. the problem is the avaibility of the sidecar is only for linux not windows so we tried to install consul, execute it to check on a localhost application/web service, exposed with the port 80. but the service never show up, no logs and consul get a lot of grpc error with a good configuration.

Anyone with a work around for that or a windows sidecar ? (vault+consul :wink: )



Hi @Hkyx,

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There was recent thread about Consul + Envoy support on Windows. Please take a look at that post for a bit more info.

Would you mind sharing some logs on the specific errors you’re seeing? I’m curious whether there’s a problem with Consul on those Linux hosts, or some other misconfiguration.


Hi Blake,
Thanks since this message we had you and some others awesome people from hashicorp for ou issue, we can close the subject !