Consul connect integration on Windows

Hi, quick question from me:

I am interested in trying the Consul service mesh integration with Nomad: Consul Service Mesh | Nomad | HashiCorp Developer

The docs quite plainly state that this isn’t supported on Windows, which is a shame, as I have one Windows server in my otherwise Linux cluster. However, the Consul docs indicate that Windows support is in beta: Connect services on Windows workloads to Consul service mesh | Consul | HashiCorp Developer

Does this beta mean that Nomad can use a service mesh with Windows servers? Or is the Nomad piece of the integration still Linux-only?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @jay0! For the moment Nomad’s built-in Connect integration is still Linux only. This is because we have a bunch of code around managing Linux network namespaces used to secure the use of the Envoy proxy. I haven’t had a chance to look into Consul’s work for Connect on Windows, but at first glance I don’t see how they’re isolating the communication between Envoy and your apps. Now that Envoy actually runs on Windows, I believe that’s the last remaining sticking point before supporting Connect on Nomad on Windows.

Thanks for clarifying @seth.hoenig . That’s what I figured from the docs but didn’t want to assume. I’ve been building up my deployment without the service mesh functionality so no harm done. Would be great to have one day though :slight_smile:

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