Windows update to version 21H1 - After Update Unable to Vagrant Up

After completing a Windows Update to version 21H1, I receive the following error when attempting a “vagrant up” command…
Vagrant encountered an unexpected communications error with the
Vagrant VMware Utility driver. Please try to run the command
again. If this error persists, please contact

Log File Attachedvagrant-up-debug-log.txt (37.1 KB)

The issue with Vagrant not functioning after the Windows Upgrade , has now been resolved.


  1. Move to the following directory: “C:\HashiCorp\VagrantVMwareUtility\bin”
  2. Install the Service - command: vagrant-vmware-utility service install
  3. Start the Service – command: vagrant-vmware-utility service run
  4. Launch Windows Service Panel and change Startup type: to “Automatic”

Assuming that the Windows update disabled and/or removed this service. After reinstalling vagrant-vmware-utility I had to manually install the service.