Winrm on linux not working

Hi All,

Does packer support the WINRM communicator when running of a Linux distribution? (e.g. Centos) I am currently using a centos docker image that executes the packer script however it gets stuck on " Waiting for WinRM to become available…"


Yes, the WinRM communicator is supported regardless of the OS running Packer. If you share your config, the community may be able to help you debug your connection.

HI SwampDragons,

Thank you for your reply.

When i run the packer build locally on my Win10 machine everything is working as it should. Now i am trying to move it to an automated pipeline using gitlab with a centos docker container.

The packer build starts fine connecting to the vCenter environment and cloning the template. Once cloned the packer attempts to connect to the new VM using WinRM however it eventually times out.
Please note that this only occurs when deploying via the pipeline. When running locally from my windows 10 environment the WinRM connection is established successfully and the scripts are run.

Troubleshooting steps
Network: Tested connectivity from the docker container (during the pipeline run) to the newly created VM using the WinRM port, a connection is established (using NetCat) indicating that there is no firewall or network issue.

When performing a TCP dump on the linux server hosting the docker containers there is no connection attempt on the WinRM port. There are several packets on port 137 and 138 but no attempt to connect to port 5985.

Let me know if you need any additional information and thank you for your help.

WinRMIssue.txt (3.9 KB)