WinRM timeout when using Windows Server 2016 SKUs

Hi, i’ve not created an Azure image based off Windows Server 2016 for a couple of months, but now getting a WinRM timeout (10m timeout set) with the following SKUs:


However, the following do work:

All 2012 and 2019 SKUs

Is anyone else having/ not having issues with 2016?


I have encountered the same issue, started for myself one day ago. Since it became a new need to create a windows server 2016 image again.

I have created an issue on this please upvote it.

I found out after some time you need to set timeout to around 60minutes, then it should go through, seems like the backend at Azure is struggling.

I am also having the same issue, windows server 2019 works just fine and works quickly but switching to 2016 in the same packer file times out. so is setting the timeout to 60 minutes the only work around?

Just tried again with winrm timeout set to 60m and it connected after about 10mins. Thanks!