With Terraform cloud can I have Terraform state that behaves more like cloudformation stacks?

I asked this on github: https://github.com/hashicorp/terraform/issues/23807

And got this response:

The “Apply a Run” operation operation lets you run Terraform against the latest configuration known to Terraform Cloud (by omitting the explicit configuration version id). You can set is-destroy to instruct Terraform Cloud to run terraform destroy instead of terraform apply .

Im confused about how I do this. Is there a cli command to do this? To test I setup terraform cloud and a git provider. I ran an apply and I see the state. Now how can I have terraform cloud destroy that state and workspace (without having to supply a config)

I want to be able to delete a terraform workspace/state like I can delete a cloudformation stack


When you run terraform destroy, it removes everything within the state file that it references. In Terraform Cloud, rather than run a terraform destroy, you will need to set up two configurations.

  1. Add CONFIRM_DESTROY=1 to a workspace’s environment variables.

  2. Go to the workspace’s settings. Select “Destruction and Deletion”

  3. Select “Queue Destroy Plan” in order to trigger a terraform destroy in Terraform Cloud.

This will begin a plan to destroy the resources, and you can approve the destruction. Afterward, you can return to the same settings menu to delete the workspace.