Workspace prompt problem in 0.13.6

We have upgraded terraform configuration from 0.12.30 to 0.13.6.

In 0.12.30 we are using the following vars to automate the terraform deployment.
export TF_IN_AUTOMATION=true

and it is working fine at 0.12.30.

We are using terraform workspace for deployment while we cleanup we delete the workspace and we run again in 0.13.6 it will ask the following input

The currently selected workspace (test) does not exist.
This is expected behavior when the selected workspace did not have an
existing non-empty state. Please enter a number to select a workspace:

  1. default

Enter a value:

Why it happened in 0.13.6 and why was working it fine in 0.12.30?

How we can automate the flow? I want create the workflow if not exist and don’t ask me for input.