0.13 Plan: `Changes to Outputs`

With 0.13.0-beta2 I’m seeing that we now get Changes to Outputs: after the actual plan modifications: Is there a way to suppress this (both for plan and apply)? Or at least swap things so the actual resource changes are last? One of the biggest issues with the current layout is that by putting Changes to Outputs after the actual resource modifications it shoves the add/change/destroy counts into the middle and makes initial verification of whether or not a plan meets expectations much harder.

Hi @guildencrantz,

There isn’t any way to turn it off or customize the behavior. It sounds like your main reservation about it is that you want to see the Plan: X to create, Y to update, X to destroy after the output changes. Is that right?

They are positioned where they are right now to make it clearer that the output changes are not included in those tallies. The tallies could potentially appear after the outputs if we were to change the Plan: line to be clearer that it’s talking only about the resources and not about the outputs.

We won’t be able to do that prior to 0.13.0 final release because we’re in feature freeze and therefore addressing bugs only now, but we can certainly continue to iterate on this UI in subsequent 0.13.x releases based on this and other feedback. If you can let me know if I understood your request correctly above, I’ll pass it on to the rest of the team to start a discussion about how best to address it.