Change to Output with negative sign in terraform 0.13 version

Hello Forum!
I have upgraded the terraform version from 0.12 to 0.13. Whenever I’m doing targeted plan for specific resource I’m getting plan for specific resource but all rest resources showed as going to be destroyed in Changes to Outputs: section.
In plan I’m not getting any resource going to be destroy but still It’s show rest of the resources in negative sign. I’m not sure why I’m getting I Changes to Outputs: in plan and apply. I didn’t got any proper document for this. This is my Plan:

Plan: 1 to add, 0 to change, 0 to destroy.
Changes to Outputs:
– aws = {
– aws_production = {
– aws_account = “123456”
– db_aurora = {
– arn =
– description =
– family = “aurora5”
– id =
– name =
– name_prefix =
– parameter =
– tags = {
– “Name” = “abc”
– }
– }
– }

Thank You!

This isn’t true - resources are not outputs, so they are not shown in that section.

Indeed, nothing being destroyed here.

I’m not sure how outputs are supposed to behave with targetted plans, but I do see how the behaviour you show here could be considered a bug.

However, all 0.x versions of Terraform are very old and not supported, so your next step should be to carry on and upgrade further to a recent version of Terraform, and test whether the undesired behaviour has already been fixed.

Hi folks,
I am also facing the same issue “Change to output” after target plan is coming with "- "(negative) sign.
when doing terraform target plan, there is nothing getting destroyed as its a large client resources I cant take any risk.
suggest me the next steps.

There are situations where when using -target it is not clear how the output should be handled, and the resulting behavior was not consistent in some prior versions of Terraform. Some versions may have left outputs with ambiguous data in the state, while later versions more strictly removed them. I cannot recall where 0.13 stood in the overall line of changes, but the definitive answer is that the behavior of the current releases is what was settled on.

The upgrade process however requires that the entire state and configuration be evaluated and updated accordingly, you should not be passing through any step which requires the use of -target. If there is an issue which requires the use of -target, it should be immediately resolved by applying the entire configuration which would restore any partially evaluated outputs.

Hi jbardin,

Even if I’m doing a normal plan with terraform 0.13, I’m still getting “Change to Output” with +, ~ and - these signs. In the “Change to Output” section there are some resources which have + sign, which means it should create the resources but it’s not creating the whole resources. It’ll create some resources and some will not(Also it’s happening with ~ this sign ) . I don’t know why it’s happening.

Please, upgrade.

The world has moved on from the 0.x versions, and even people who were once experts are mostly forgetting the behaviour of those older versions.

No, there aren’t… because nothing appearing in the output section is a resource. This distinction is important because entries coming and going there are just data, not reflections of actual infrastructure being created or destroyed.