A managed resource local has not been declared in root module

Hi Team,

I have a simple code where I am taking csv file as input and passing headers as arguments in resource, similar below but getting an error managed resource local has not been declared

locals {
instancesdefaultpassword = csvdecode(file("./defaultPasswordPolicy.csv"))

resource "okta_policy_password_default" "default" {
  password_min_length = locals.instancesdefaultpassword.password_min_length

can someone suggest why I am getting this error, I don’t want to use for-each loop in this case.

Rahul Jha

The error is probably not about “local”, but rather A managed resource "locals" ..., because there is a typo in the password_min_length value. Try using

password_min_length = local.instancesdefaultpassword.password_min_length

Hi Jbardin,

Still the same error,

My csv file looks like below which I am trying to read and set the argument in resource



That error is different from the first, now explaining that local.instancesdefaultpassword is a list of objects, containing a single element. The suggestion is to access an attribute of a single object by first indexing the list to get a specific element. If you know the list only contains a single value, then:

password_min_length = local.instancesdefaultpassword[0].password_min_length

You can also use the one function when you know you are always looking for a single item in a list.

Thanks Jbardin,

This worked.


Hi jbardin,

I am getting the below mentioned error. Need your help to resolve it.
│ Error: Reference to undeclared resource

│ on routing lambda.tf line 175, in resource “aws_lambda_event_source_mapping” “Devops_mapping”:
│ 175: event_source_arn = aws_dynamodb_table.Devops_mapping.stream_arn

│ A managed resource “aws_dynamodb_table” “Devops_mapping” has not been declared in the root module.

Hi @shantanuskapse,

The error indicates that there is no resource called "aws_dynamodb_table” “Devops_mapping" in your root module, but without any configuration we can’t offer additional assistance. If you need more help than that, feel free to create a new topic, with a minimal, complete example which demonstrates the problem you are facing.