A specific Vagrantfile

Hi all !
I want a vagrant file for creating 5 VM :

  • a “client” with Ubuntu with Gnome, Chromium (or Firefox), git client, 4GB of RAM, AZERTY keyboard
  • a “git server” with git server, Debian, 512 MB of RAM, AZERTY keyboard
  • 3 “web servers” : “production”, “preproduction” and “development” with LAMP, PHPMyAdmin, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PGAdmin, Debian, 512 MB of RAM, AZERTY keyboard
    I want to when pushing git files in my client to my git server, the files will go to the web servers depending of the branch, I want to can access web pages of the web servers in my client chromium (or Firefox)
    The login and password sudo of each vm must be “bbb” for both login and password and the password of mysql and postgresql root must be “bbb”
    Thank you
    Best regards