Acceptance Testing via Framework Plugin that resource was successfully deleted


I am currently migrating a private provider from the legacy SDK V2 over to the Plugin Framework. A lot of the acceptance testing examples for checking a resource has been deleted still seem to use the old provider mechanism to access the client to then check if the resource has actually been deleted.

I looked at the scaffold example here:

That does not seem to actually perform a check that the resource has been deleted.
I also looked at the official AWS provider and that seems to inject the legacy SDK provider into the new test provider to do this check which doesn’t feel right.

I’d appreciate peoples thoughts on this - are you checking if the resource has been destroyed within your acceptance test and if so how are you doing this?

Part of me wonders if we really need to do this within an acceptance test or whether a unit test of the Delete method to verify it calls the appropriate client delete method is sufficient here.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.