Access modes for nomad host volumes

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is there a possibility with nomad to configure different access modes for host volumes. E.g. if I configure 3 ethereum data directories per client node, i wanna ensure that an eth instance can only mount one of the volumes if it is not already mounted to another instance.

TLDR: Are there volume access modes for nomad host volumes like ReadWriteOnce, ReadOnlyMany or ReadWriteMany in K8S? And if so, how can I configure this?

BR, Philipp

Hi @ownyrd, with Nomad those advanced access modes are available only for CSI plugins that support them, and host volumes are limited to basic write/readonly modes.

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Hey seth,
thanks for the quick reply.

I see. And the CSI hostpath drivers out there are mostly just test implementations, not recommended for production if i got it right or?

Do you know why this is not implemented? Does this fundamentally contradict the approaches of Nomad or simply no prio until now? I mean many services will probably run with CSI drivers but especially when setting up web3.0 fullnodes you need nvme host volumes because of the latency.

As far as I know a request like this has never come up before. I am wondering though, what about the CSI hostpath implementation makes it not production ready, and what would Nomad host volumes would do differently that could be an improvement.

I have only read “test environment only” everywhere CSI drivers was specified in connection with host volumes. But yes, good question.
Maybe I’ll create an issue in git.
Thank you very much and have a good time.