Host volumes orchestration

Hello everyone!

I’m currently working with a Nomad + Consul + Vault stack and trying to find an efficient way to manage stateful workloads. I have a number of bare metal servers equipped with high I/O NVMe drives, and I plan to run numerous stateful jobs using host volumes.

In a Kubernetes setup, I would create a persistent volume (PV) on each host, then apply my manifests with persistent volume claims (PVC). Kubernetes would then automatically determine the most suitable host for the workload. However, I’m unsure how to achieve a similar outcome with Nomad.

As far as I understand, the only way to create a host volume in Nomad is by adding it to the client configuration. Unlike Kubernetes, Nomad doesn’t have abstractions like PV, PVC, or storage classes.

Is there an efficient way to manage stateful workloads using host volumes in a Nomad setup? I would really appreciate any ideas or suggestions, as it currently seems like Nomad is totally unsuitable for this task.

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