ACL and consul does not want to start


Here is my main configuration file focus on ACL part:

"acl": {
        "default_policy": "deny",
        "down_policy": "extend-cache",
        "enabled": true,
        "token_ttl": "30s",
        "tokens": {
            "master": "xxxx",
            "replication": "xxxx"

If I start consul with these parameters, it’s working fine.
If I add a file like /etc/consul/consul.d/policy.hcl with:

service_prefix "" {
  policy = "read"

The process does not want to start anymore …
I don’t have any message in the log with ERR or ERROR tag.


ACL policies are set via the CLI or using the consul acl policy create command. They’re not read from the filesystem by the agent. See the guide for more details.

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