All Resources for Terraform resources for AWS IAM Identity Center (successor to AWS Single Sign-On)

Looking to full IaC the deployment of AWS IAM Identity Center, but I am having an issue locating the resources to do so.

I was able to locate some of the basics,

aws_identitystore_group_membership | Resources | hashicorp/aws | Terraform Registry

aws_identitystore_group | Resources | hashicorp/aws | Terraform Registry

aws_identitystore_user | Resources | hashicorp/aws | Terraform Registry

But I need to create custom permission sets.
Are custom permission sets and other features support in terraform?
if so, please link me to the correct resource.


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Searching for the same. Haven’t seen any resources to enable Identity Center from Organization account, Manage account delegation, Create and manage Permission Sets and associate them to accounts.


Just now realized you need to use the same resources as it used in AWS SSO, which has almost all.