Am I imagining seeing docs about generating P12/pkcs#12/jks/jceks artefacts directly

This is a long shot, but looking to generate ideally a JKS stored as a value within vault so that I can use it in a java application.

I know I can create it externally and then write it to the vault, but I am going crazy finding what i thought was possible.

Any ideas?

It was not HashiCorp vault, it was CertManager Release Notes | cert-manager

You can create it externally and import it into Vault in one step, but that’s all I can think of.

Thanks Aram
Yes that was one of my approaches. Ideally I would like to see if I can add an extension that would generate a JKS in a key/value store and manage it expiration etc.

You should open an enhancement request on
Or look at writing your own extension and publishing it.