Any way to disable new deprecation warnings?

So as of the latest Terraform binary from last week, I’m now being flooded with deprecation notices for quoted provider references, type constraints, and interpolation-only expressions. Right now for some of my projects, when I run a terraform apply, I’m receiving literally thousands of lines of warning messages about syntax deprecation, and it shows up below the list of pending changes, so I have to scroll through an enormous quantity of text before I can see what changes are pending.

Is there any flag or env var that I’m missing to quiet these warnings for now? Better yet would be a simple message that deprecated syntax exists and “type this other command to see details”. The current level of verbosity about the deprecated syntax is not user-friendly–I know about and am actively migrating projects to the new syntax–It only makes Terraform a pain to use.

I made a Github feature request for some way to disable these warnings:

Hi David,

We hear you; I ran into the issue you described in your (well described) issue today while trying out some community modules with Terraform Cloud. It’s on our radar.

We’ve been seeing some resistance to upgrading from HCL1 and thought this might help encourage the move. We’ve got some ideas on how to find some balance here. We’ll update your issue once we take our first steps.

A first step has been taken, you can read about it here:

I just updated this morning from 12.13 and started getting those messages.

Annoyingly enough when I followed the ‘suggestions’ the output gives on how to fix the depreciation, it broke the terraform. After I undid the ‘suggestion’ on how to fix the depreciation it worked again. So I rolled back to 12.13. I’ll upgrade when I can turn these messages off.