Upgrade recomendation (func being deprecated)

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Sorry if it’s duplicated but I could not find such item.

Is there a changelog of deprecated functions with terraform evolution.

During upgrade from 0.14.11 to 1.1.2 have run the module with some default inputs and it worked fine.

Although with different input it failed on Call to function "map" failed: the "map" function was deprecated in

I would definitely add to my upgrade list - check for deprecated function


Hi @chell0veck,

This particular function was already deprecated in v0.14… it became deprecated in Terraform v0.12 because from that version onwards there is built-in syntax for constructing a mapping.

These situations tend to follow a process of increasingly loud deprecation notifications:

  • First, marked as deprecated in the documentation.
  • Second, the feature starts generating deprecation warnings when used.
  • Then finally the feature is removed altogether, typically with a special error message like the one you saw here which mentions that the feature was previously deprecated and now removed.

If you want to see the deprecations retroactively then you may be able to find the mentions of them in the main Terraform CLI/Core changelog in the root of the GitHub repository, but there is no separate list just of deprecated features.

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Thanks a lot @apparentlymart ,

Have submitted Add deprecation warning to validation command · Issue #33087 · hashicorp/terraform · GitHub for the same.

Having somewhere context unaware deprecation warning personally find quite useful - cause otherwise it comes down to choosing the right test candidate.


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