How do I get terraform plan to show me all of the deprecation warnings?

In doing a plan I get this warning:

│ Warning: Argument is deprecated
│   with module.test.aws_s3_bucket_object.lambda_s3_object,
│   on ../ line 87, in resource "aws_s3_bucket_object" "lambda_s3_object":
│   87:   bucket   = local.deployment_bucket
│ Use the aws_s3_object resource instead
│ (and 3 more similar warnings elsewhere)

How do I get it to show me the 3 more similar warnings elsewhere?

Hi @grimm26,

If you run the validate command in JSON mode then you can see the underlying data that the UI is rendering, and thus see the full detail:

terraform validate -json

plan and validate give me a different number of warnings :slight_smile: